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In the Armenian Highlands, gold and silver have been widely used since copper-stone age (Eneolithic- 5-6 BC). A lot of testimonies on Armenian rich mines have been preserved in the records of the Greco-Roman historians. Good number of archaeological findings evidence this, too. Later, through wider use, Gold and Silver Art became one of the separate and most prestigious branches of Decorative Applied Art.
“Arm Root” (Armenian Roots) was founded by Tatevik Hovakimyan(Tatev Arm Root) from Armenia aiming to create modern jewelry based on the Armenian heritage and modern technologies while preserving the age-old culture and rich traditions of silver art. Attaching importance to our valuable heritage, we aim to present our culture to the world by means of jewelry. Ornaments, historical objects and museum exhibit replicas, which started to be used as jewels, and are carrying the rich culture and traditions of Van Kingdom and Urartu as well as ornaments replicated from the Armenian architecture and khachkars (cross-stones) some of which have been restored by us are presented in the jewelry pieces.
Arm Root: “Creating new values by preserving the old ones.”